Originating from the distant country of Lebanon, .Barakat restaurant has been providing top notch service and unbeatable taste for the people of London. Bakarat has received critical acclaim from publications such as the UWO gazette and seen rising popularity as visitors from Hamilton, Toronto, and even Waterloo have made the journey to experience the awesome flavor delivered at this lovely eatery.

With the great success the Barakat restaurant has achieved coming to London, they are proud to announce that the decision has been made to expand and open a series of new locations beginning in the great Sarnia, Ontario. All new establishments will be operated by and accompanied with the same standards and integrity as the original, bringing the flavor you know and love for the rest of the country to share.

The new Sarnia location will feature all the legendary items such as their wide variety of bubble tea, delectable and wholesome wraps, and heart healthy, delicious vegetarian options. All your same favorites, brought to the community of Sarnia. The Bakarat family couldn’t be happier, and is excited to begin this journey by sharing their enticing menu with the people of Sarnia.

The folks at Barakat have always been grateful for their success, and so they are always sure to give thanks and remain involved in the community by donating to various hospitals and charitable organizations.